A Friday morning update

What? These things are almost getting regular again…

I had a couple of pancakes for lunch yesterday (Tesco’s do them in packs of 8, just heat in the microwave), which I enjoyed.

I little later, I took myself out to a planned dietician appointment at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QE) in Gateshead. This was mildly entertaining, as the three (yes, three!) ladies I saw hadn’t been updated  and were expecting to see me with a tube in my nose. I was given some more information, and set up for regular follow-ups.

I got the first bus back to Gateshead. This turned out to be a wildly indirect one which went via such places as Felling, Svalbard, Heworth and Ulan Bator[1], but I wasn’t in any hurry, and enjoyed the ride.

Before coming home, I did some minor shopping – got some air fresheners, food storage tins (for such things as tea and sugar) and a v-shaped support pillow. One of the possible issues with having a stent is acid reflux, and sleeping in a sitting position is suggested to make this less of a problem. I’ve been more or less managing with normal pillows, but thought something designed for the job might be better.

Once I got home, I made the bed, figuring that if I’d done the usual Les thing of leaving it until bedtime, I’d probably regret it. I nearly did anyway, as wrestling the duvet into its cover was even harder work than normal, and left me just about worn out.

I then had a couple more of the pancakes. I felt a bit full after that, so didn’t attempt to eat anything else.

Watched a bit of TV until 9 when after a few false starts (must move… must move…), I went to bed.

The pillow seemed to do the job, as I didn’t wake up until about 4am. Dozed on and off a bit. My stomach still felt a bit odd, even after I’d had a bathroom visit. The reason for the oddness became apparent after I swallowed my morning medication. I burped, then quickly brought up some icky brown liquid. Looks like I’d had some bleeding from the stent installation (this is a known, non-alarming thing) and that was what my stomach didn’t like. I certainly felt better after that was clear.

I then had my yummy mineral supplements (yay, only the magnesium powder to take for a couple more days now) and soluble paracetamol. I’ve let that settle, and it’ll be coffee time next.

One more thing – in case anyone’s wondering. My chemotherapy treatment is now on hold. The idea is for me to get into much better health (eating will help with that, as will the minor exercise I now feel able to manage) before deciding on how to go forward. I’ll be seeing the oncologist in about three weeks, and we’ll see how it goes from there.


[1] OK, I may be lying about some of those, but it was indirect

2 thoughts on “A Friday morning update

  1. Paul Bowen

    Good to know you’re feeling better – I can’t ? with my v shaped pillow but glad it seems to work for you.
    Don’t overdo things – rest when you need to.
    Take care.
    Cheers Paul ??


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