Weight and Stuff Report – 22 June 2018

Weight:  176 pounds (12 stone 8 pounds, 79.8 kg)
Steps: 4,072

With no guarantee that these will revert to the former daily service, I thought it might be a good time to do this…

Following on from this morning’s report[1], I had my breakfast:

Frosties with added tinned peach slices and lots of milk, a yoghurt and some apple juice.

I then sat and rested for a couple of hours before hauling myself onto a bus and into Newcastle. This proved to be slightly hard work, as my digestive system, still getting used to actual eating, decided to hurt a bit if I did anything silly like standing up or walking. Sitting was fine, so I took frequent breaks.

I had my hair cut, bought some stamps and posted a letter (had to do that in the right order), then paid a cheque into the bank. With further pauses, I went to Marks and Spencer to buy some clothes (I have a slight trouser issue in that all my old ones are too loose to wear without potential embarrassment), then to Boots for some supplies (Gaviscon for my still settling digestive system). And then a walk back to the bus stop and home.

And when I got home, I was a wee bit weary, so I just grabbed an ice cream from the freezer and sat down for a couple of hours – too tired to even bother with the TV.

Once I’d rested, I got myself a nice large piece of honeydew melon and ate it, followed by two bags of Quavers.

Some time later, I put a cottage pie in the microwave and ate it (the cottage pie, not the microwave, I wasn’t that hungry) with a large glass of cream soda, and a little later I had a Mars bar and another glass of apple juice.

And now it’s an unusually late bed time.

[1] Yes, yes, this is really being posted on Saturday, but let’s go along with the usual fiction, shall we?

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