Weight and Stuff Report – 23 June 2018

Weight:  176.1 pounds (12 stone 8.1 pounds, 79.9 kg)
Steps: 1,343

Hmmm, up a teeny bit today (which is a Good Thing).

After breakfast (Weetabix today) and a sit down, I went out to post a letter and do a bit of top-up shopping (yoghurt and apple juice), and came home.

It was then time for a bit of lunch, so I took the bold step of making myself an omelette (two eggs, a bit of grated mature cheddar and some sliced mushrooms that I sautéed in garlic butter). That was followed by a glass of cream soda.

A little later, I had another quarter of honeydew melon and a packet of Quavers.

Dinner was a small portion of fish in parsley sauce.


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