Weight and Stuff Report – 24 June 2018

Weight:  172.4 pounds (12 stone 4.4 pounds, 78.2 kg)
Steps: Not a lot

That’s quite a big drop today –  3.7 pounds (1.7 kg), which can be entirely attributed to my digestive system catching up with itself this morning, which is probably more information than you really wanted, but I thought I’d share it anyway.

Having been out and about at least a little bit on the last three days, I decided to have a rest day today.

Breakfast was Frosties with peach slices, loads of milk, a yoghurt and apple juice. After a nice sit down, I had a couple of pancakes with sugar and lemon juice, followed by two more a bit later.

Not satisfied with that, I had another quarter of that honeydew melon and a shocking two bags of quavers.

For my evening meal, I had a microwaved chilli con carne with rice. Not bad – soft and tender, if a lot less spicy than I normally go for. On the other hand, it was the spiciest thing I’ve had in aaaaages, so it was quite acceptable.

Any suggestion that I followed this with a Solero will be…. naaah, not even going to bother denying it.

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