Robert Rankin – The Garden of Unearthly Delights

What’s this? Could it be? Is it really? Well, so it seems. It’s a resumption of the sanity-risking Great Robert Rankin Re-read-athon, last seen in thse parts back in November 2016. Now I’m not claiming to have restored my sanity, but perhaps I’ve reached the point where endangering it doesn’t seem like a major issue any more, so here we go.

This one isn’t part of any ongoing trilogies, being a one-off experiment to write something a bit different. Well, it is different in that it involves a Hero on an Epic Quest, but it’s pure Rankin in the profusion of old gags, self-referential nonsense and extreme silliness.

The fun all starts when the earth shifts from the Age of Technology into a new age of something quite different. Not that anyone realises that’s what’s happened until it’s all too weird.

Maxwell Karrien, transformed into Max Carrion, Imagineer, is a nicely suitable hero in that he’s a devious lying bastard who keeps getting into ridiculous, if not impossible situations. Many people he meets on his Quest are not what they seem, though others definitely are.

It’s all very silly, and I enjoyed reading it again.

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