Weight and Stuff Report – 27 June 2018

Weight:  171.8 pounds (12 stone 3.8 pounds, 77.9 kg)

Down another wee bit today, which I can only attribute to my digestive system being a bit, umm, enthusiastic this morning. Seems a lot calmer now, anyway…

Breakfast was the usual combination, today featuring Weetabix.

For lunch, following the digestive issues, I wasn’t too hungry, but I managed a couple of crepes with chocolate filling, a couple of packs of Quavers and some apple juice, followed by a drop more apple juice and a Time Out wafer.

Dinner was, ummm, well. Shall we say “less successful”? I had much the same as yesterday – fresh ravioli (the second half of the pack) with a stir-in sauce. But this time, it didn’t seem to be settling, and sure enough, up it popped. This was the first time a meal has done that to me since I started eating again. I’m wondering if yesterday’s pasta was the reason why my stomach felt odd for much of today. So, I’ll cross that off the list of “things Les should eat” and have something safer tomorrow.

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