Weight and Stuff Report – 28 June 2018

Weight:  171 pounds (12 stone 3 pounds, 77.6 kg)
Steps: 1,385

Breakfast was the usual combo including Frosties.

I had a medical appointment at 12:00, which involved blood being removed from my arm (again, mutter). I followed this with visits to Boots (prescription) and Argos (mattress protector), and then came home. It was a wee bit warm out, which probably contributed to me feeling a wee bit knackered by the time I got home.

I was tired enough to just sit and do nothing for an hour or so once I got in. After that little rest, it was time for a bit of lunch, which included three more of those crepes, two packs of Quavers and a Time Out bar, together with some apple juice.

A wee bit later, I had a quarter of a honeydew melon, then relaxed for a bit before starting work on a Secret Project which I’ll reveal in due course.

Dinner was another of those quite nice cottage pies (surprisingly good for 79p!) with some cream soda. And after a little break I had a Solero and may have accidentally eaten a Mars bar as well.

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