Robert Rankin – A Dog Called Demolition

Yes, it’s another entry in the Great Robert Rankin Re-read-athon.  This one dates back to 1996, and just for laughs, each chapter begins with a quote or two and a piece of poetry. But once you get past those, it’s much the usual fun and games from there.

It’s another stand-alone novel, which features invisible aliens, lots of violent (and messy) death, a mysterious government department and lots of nice juicy footnotes. And lots of silliness, atrocious gags and all the usual Rankin self-referential stuff.

Not only that, but it comes complete with a soundtrack. Well, a list of songs at the end, anyway. This is a bit silly, but as it includes This Corrosion by the Sisters of Mercy, I’m inclined to allow it.

Now wasn’t that nice?

2 thoughts on “Robert Rankin – A Dog Called Demolition

    1. Les Post author

      Thanks – nothing like a bit of nicely over the top goth music! Sisters of Mercy were something like Billy Idol with the knobs turned up to about 395.


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