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Weight and Stuff Report – 1 July 2018

Weight:  171.1 pounds (12 stone 3.1 pounds, 77.6 kg)

Hmmm, down another wee bit today.

Breakfast was, in a shocking variation from the usual strict alternation, a Frosties-starring affair.

After that, I was feeling a bit tired, and sort of dozed off in my chair. I noticed the time at about 10:30, then a bit after 11:30, and then it was quite suddenly 1:30. No idea where that came from, but it meant it was time for lunch, which was Ritz crackers, Philadelphia, Quavers (two bags!) and a Time Out bar, with a moderately large glass of apple juice.

This was followed by the usual quarter of honeydew melon. And after that, I finished off my Lego project.

Dinner was a microwaved chilli con carne, which I livened up writhe generous twist of my hot chilli grinder and a glass of cream soda. This was, of course, followed by the usual Solero and Mars bar.

Robert Rankin – Nostradamus Ate My Hamster

What? Another entry in the Great Robert Rankin Re-read-athon? Already? Well, yes, I’m afraid so.

This one was first published in 1996, and is, would you believe it, another non-trilogy volume. It starts, misleadingly enough in the familiar surroundings of the Flying Swan, with all the usual suspects present and correct, until an incident with a Christmas present changes all that. Except of course, the Flying Swan and its regulars are fictional, or at least legendary and the opening is a story…

In the, err, real Brentford, the action begins at Fudgepacker’s Emporium, the place the movie industry goes to for the more interesting props. Except that they’re not really doing that these days, and business isn’t looking good until some technology from a Nazi-run future is acquired, and it all starts to get complicated.

Along the way you’ll encounter time-travelling Nazi flying saucers, paradoxes, confusion, misdirection, cunning plans and some bloke called Hitler. And of course more gags than you can, err do whatever it is you do to a large collection of gags. And footnotes, of course, followed by a closing chapter set back in the Flying Swan, just to keep the confusion level where it should be.

Loads of fun.

Lego Apollo Saturn V

I’ve vaguely mentioned a little project I’ve been working on, and now all can be revealed. Over the last few days, I’ve been doing something I haven’t done in forty years or so: playing with Lego. Well, I say playing, but this isn’t the kind of Lego I had when I was young, oh no. This is the kind of insanely detailed model with custom components that is the product of pure deranged geekiness. This thing is so geeky that it’s made of 1,969 components. Yes, 1,969 as in 1969, the year of the first Moon landing. That’s the kind of thing that really appeals to me, and might just have persuaded me to actually buy the kit.

It was a couple of weeks after delivery that I was able to get on with it, but once I started, it didn’t take as long as I thought it might, even including the time taken when I had to backtrack and redo bits after making a mistake or two.

Anyway, here it is:

It's a bit big

It’s a bit big

Or perhaps it’s better vertical?

Next stop the Moon

Next stop the Moon

Yes, those are little models of the Lunar Module and the post-splashdown Command Module there.