Weight and Stuff Report – 2 July 2018

Weight:  171.1 pounds (12 stone 3.1 pounds, 77.6 kg)
Steps: 3,849

No change today, just for a change.

Talking of change, it’s been a slightly different kind of day: I’ve been more active than I’ve managed in, well, ages.

After the usual breakfast (Frosties again, the Weetabix must make a return appearance soon), I had a short break then took myself into Newcastle. This had to be done, as I had to buy coffee from those nice Pumphreys people in the Grainger Market. Having done that, and found myself not feeling as tired or uncomfortable as last time I hauled myself over the river, I had a short wander, which involved buying a kitchen gadget in Lakeland, a book in Waterstones and I may have accidentally gone into Hotel Chocolat and inadvertently bought some chocolate.

I then came home and with hardly a break at all went to Tesco’s for some top-up shopping (meals, apple juice, assorted bits and bobs).

Once I got home, it was time for some lunch, which featured a two-egg omelette with grated cheese and garlicy mushrooms. This went down nicely with a glass of apple juice. I followed this with a peeled and sliced apple – apples are on the “can eat” list, but the peel is to be avoided, as it’s the kind of thing that can get stuck in the stent. And that’s what the kitchen gadget was all about. In theory, it peels, cores and slices an apple in one easy process. Well, it kinda sorta worked, but possibly needs a bit of adjustment to get it quite right.

After a break, I changed my bedding, ran the vacuum cleaner around the bedroom, and sorted out the things I need to put in the washing machine, though that’s a job for another day.

I then had a sit down with a bag of Quavers, a Time Out bar and another glass of apple juice.

Dinner was a generic chicken curry with rice, made more interesting by an attack of my hot chilli grinder. This was followed, as you might expect, by a Solero, but not a Mars bar. It was a Galaxy Ripple instead.

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