Robert Rankin – Sprout Mask Replica

Another day, another entry in the Great Robert Rankin Re-read-athon. First published in 1997, this one is the first in a new trilogy, later described as The Trilogy that Dare Not Speak Its Name Trilogy, though it does feature guest appearances from some recurring characters, not least Barry the Time Sprout.

We’re in first person narration territory for the most part, interspersed with some unlikely stories, dodgy poems and the occasional switch to third person when necessary to get the narrator out of trouble.

The unnamed narrator (though it does appear he’s a Rankin…) has a remarkable power – rather like those annoying butterflies who twitch wings and cause storms thousands of miles away, he can influence events by carrying out small actions. This is, of course, quite impossible, not to mention very dangerous, especially when he decides to use his powers for the Good of Mankind, which is the kind of thing that always leads to trouble.

Various unlikely adventures follow, and it is, as always, loads of fun.

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