Daily Archives: Thursday, 5th Jul 2018

Weight and Stuff Report – 5 July 2018

Weight:  170.5 pounds (12 stone 2.5 pounds, 77.3 kg)
Steps: 995

Up a wee bit today…

After the usual breakfast (Frosties again), I felt a bit tired, so dozed for a bit.

Lunch was three pancakes and some apple juice.

And in the afternoon, I had an appointment with the oncologist (with transport provided by Aaron). We had a chat about how I’m getting along and how to proceed from here. We agreed to have a bit more of a break, then meet again on August 1, with a view to restarting the chemotherapy the following day.

So my plans for the next few weeks are to keep eating and trying to be a bit more active.

Once I got home, I had some Quavers (two packs) and more apple juice.

Dinner was sweet and sour chicken with rice, followed by the compulsory Solero and some more of these nice Hotel Chocolat items.