Weight and Stuff Report – 6 July 2018

Weight:  170.7 pounds (12 stone 2.7 pounds, 77.4 kg)
Steps: 1,978

Up another little bit today…

Breakfast was the usual (Frosties again, nearly reached the end of the box, shocking).

Lunch was a couple of pancakes (end of the pack) and some apple juice.

I took myself to the Metrocentre this afternoon. That was OK, but I was soon feeling tired and took myself home again. The hot weather definitely isn’t agreeing with me – waiting for the bus home from Gateshead was uncomfortable to say the least. Once I got home, I had a quick ice lolly to cool down a bit before having a relax.

Dinner was a chilli con carne (with the usual hot spice grinder addition, of course), which was followed by a Mars bar.

Early night ahead[1], as I’m veeerrryyyyy tired[2]….

[1] Or behind, as I may be typing this tomorrow
[2] So much so that I didn’t even start a draft of this post

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