Weight and Stuff Report – 8 July 2018

Weight:  169.2 pounds (12 stone 1.2 pounds, 76.7 kg)

Down by a teeny bit today.

Had another night of not enough sleep, mutter.

After multiple coffees, breakfast was the usual.

Lunch was just some Ritz crackers with Philadelphia and a glass of apple juice.

Dinner was, shall we say, less successful. I’d been feeling a bit burpy and gurgly most of the day, so should probably have taken that as a warning, but I didn’t. I persuaded myself that having a meal was what I needed to do, so I went for the shepherds pie, which was pretty tasty. Unfortunately, the expected after-eating burp developed into a “how fast can I get to the bathroom”, and yes, well, it wasn’t quite as nice the second time.

I declined to try eating anything else after that, and another early night is on the way.


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