Weight and Stuff Report – 15 July 2018

Weight:  167.8 pounds (11 stone 13.8 pounds, 76.1 kg)

Back down again today, which can be attributed to an extensive bathroom visit this morning.

And talking of this morning, it didn’t start too well. I’ve been having an intermittent return of my old shoulder problem, which is a rather nasty pain in the shoulder. And the neck. And it was particularly nasty this morning.

Just to add to the joy, I woke up with a very nasty pain in the guts. Not your usual digestive discomfort, as it seemed to be more of a muscular pain on the right side just below my ribs. It started off hurting generally, though became a lot worse when I did anything silly like, you know, moving. Standing up was a major effort, and walking required a kind of doubled-over pose that made it just about bearable.

Eating breakfast didn’t seem even vaguely possible at the normal time, so I just had some soluble paracetamol, yum, yum. That took the edge off it for a while, but didn’t really make it go away. And it was really tricky finding a sitting position that didn’t make my shoulder or my abdomen feel any worse.

So, at 12:00, drastic measures were called for, and I gave myself a dose of oral morphine, which I’d been given for contingencies. That did a much better job of taking the edge off, to the point where it now only hurts when I move[1], and my shoulder is just vaguely annoying.

I’ll be attempting a light dinner and definitely having an early night in the hope that this will settle down, otherwise I’ll be seeking medical assistance tomorrow.

[1] There are no prizes for the first one to say “so don’t do that”


3 thoughts on “Weight and Stuff Report – 15 July 2018

  1. RobertH

    Any chance of soaking in a hot tub , hot springs, turkish bath, whatever they’re called over there? Can do wonders for the muscle spasms (and aftermath).


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