Stuff Report – 16 July 2018

Yes, it’s a weightless report today because I sort of forgot to stand on the scale this morning.

As I mentioned in my morning report, yesterday’s major pain issues have receded today, but I haven’t been taking any chances or doing anything that might provoke a flare-up. The shoulder has now got to the point of just nagging a bit, and twinging when I move, but it’s a lot better than it was.

I managed my usual breakfast, and had three pancakes and apple juice for lunch. I even had a bit of honeydew melon later in the afternoon.

Dinner was one and a bit chicken breast thingies (frozen, done in oven). More than a bit of the second one felt like it wouldn’t be a good idea, so I stopped at that point. I was able to follow up with the usual Solero and Mars bar later.

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