Weight and Stuff Report – 17 July 2018

Weight:  167.5 pounds (11 stone 13.5 pounds, 76 kg)
Steps: 3,628

Hmmm, weight down again today, mutter.

The day began without my usual coffee, or indeed breakfast, as I had a appointment for a CT scan at the RVI. The instructions for this were no food and clear fluids only for five hours before the scheduled time of 11am, so water was what I had.

I got to the X-Ray department in plenty of time, and sat down to wait. After a while, I was given some water to drink, and a bit later I was taken through to have a cannula installed. And that turned out to be interesting. I’ve had issues with this kind of thing before, where it takes even the best trained medical professionals multiple attempts to find a vein that actually wants to work, but today was an all-time record, with it eventually working on the sixth try by the third or fourth person to try. This involved some comedy moving around, as I started in a prep room, then moved to the scanner and was even nicely lying down while someone tried again before deciding they needed to get someone else to do it, which took me back to the prep room. I then had to sit in the waiting room for a bit as I’d missed my turn in the scanner. But soon enough, my name was called again and I was scanned, then had to wait for a bit (I think they like you to sit for a short time to make sure you’re not going to have any odd belated reaction to the dye or drug that went into the cannula) before having the cannula removed and being told to go home.

I popped in to Tesco’s on the way home to buy a few bits and pieces, then had three pancakes for lunch. I wasn’t feeling very hungry, so dinner was a Pot Noodle, but it was followed by the usual Solero and Mars bar.

And now an early night beckons…


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