Weight and Stuff Report – 18 July 2018

Weight:  168 pounds (12 stone, 76.2 kg)

How odd, up again today, despite an extensive bathroom visit…

The lingering discomfort in my middle region still hasn’t quite gone away,  but by the early hours of this morning, I was able to lie flat rather than propped up on the v-shaped pillow, which was better. Still got a nasty twinge when I tried to lie on my side, though.

After the usual thing of waking up several times in the night, I was properly awake at a little before 6am, so I got myself a coffee and brought to back to bed to do some reading. That went well, so I got a repeat coffee at about 7:30, and carried on reading. I was quite comfortable, so decided to stay where I was and didn’t get up until after 9:30, which is very late for me.

Breakfast was the usual and lunch was a couple of pancakes.

Not much appetite again, so dinner was a Pot Noodle again.


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