Weight and Stuff Report – 20 July 2018

Weight:  165.8 pounds (11 stone 11.8 pounds, 75.2 kg)

Yeah, well. After yesterday’s general inability to face food, I’m down again today.

Last night I slept kinda sorta mostly well – I’m still having to sleep either propped up or on my back, but I can handle that. I woke up a little after 4am, then managed to doze off for a bit more before getting up at around 6:30.

Breakfast was the full package, this time featuring the return of the Weetabix.

Lunch was some Ritz crackers with the spreadable Brie, a Time Out and some apple juice.

I managed a Yum Yum as an afternoon snack.

Dinner was half a chicken curry with rice. In recent weeks, I’ve had a problem with having full meals – all too often they don’t stay down, which is (a) annoying and (b) not good for me, as I really do need to benefit from eating. So, my little brain finally worked out that maybe it was the amount of food in one go that was the problem, and tonight was a bit of an experiment to see if my brain was right. And on the evidence so far, it looks like the brain got it right.

I’m not planning on having anything else tonight.


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