Alastair Reynolds

I’ve been enjoying Alastair Reynolds’ books for a long time now, and It seems I’ve written stuff about a lot of them. The links below are my original reviews written over the last decade or so. If I ever find a very large tuit, I may go for a Re-read-athon and do some updated posts. Or I may not, as I seem to have missed a few books, which I’ll need to catch up on.

Revelation Space

Revelation Space
Chasm City
Redemption Ark
Absolution Gap
Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days (two novellas)
The Prefect (aka Aurora Rising)
Galactic North (collection of short stories)

Poseidon’s Children

Blue Remembered Earth
On the Steel Breeze
Poseidon’s Wake

Other work

Century Rain
Pushing Ice
Zima Blue and other Stories
House of Suns
Terminal World
Harvest of Time (Doctor Who)
The Medusa Chronicles (with Steven Baxter)
Beyond the Aquila Rift: The best of Alastair Reynolds
Slow Bullets