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Charles Stross should need no introduction, but I’ve never let that stop me before. Charlie is one of my favourite writers – often funny, always interesting and even thought-provoking. And more fun than a very fun thing that’s quite excited. Not quite an internet puppy, though. Loads of books, some of which are still on my to-read list, but I’ll make a start anyway.

The Laundry

The Laundry is the code name, more or less, for a super-secret part of the UK’s secret security services. Set in a universe where all that Lovecraftian stuff about ancient powers and Great Old Ones is more or less true, with added mathematics, the books are centred around full-time IT geek and part-time active agent Bob Howard (not his real name, obviously) who encounters all manner of soul-sucking evil, not least the dread power of the Human Resources department.

  1. The Atrocity Archives
  2. The Jennifer Morgue
  3. The Fuller Memorandum
  4. The Apocalypse Codex
  5. Equoid (novella)
  6. The Rhesus Chart
  7. The Annihilation Score
  8. The Nightmare Stacks

Near Future

  1. Halting State
  2. Rule 34

Hard SF

  1. Singularity Sky (Review doesn’t exist yet)
  2. Iron Sunrise

Short Fiction

  1. Wireless

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