Cookie Policy

Like most websites, this one sets cookies to remind itself where you’ve been. There may also be some Google Analytics thingies which keep track of how many visitors we have.

Cookies are not used for any nefarious porpoises, we don’t grab your details for evil marketing activities, and we don’t pass any information to anyone else.

It seems that due to an EU directive apparently written by people who have no clue how websites work, I’m supposed to tell you all that. The UK Information Commissioner’s guidelines[1] suggest that “implied consent” can be assumed if site visitors are given some indication that cookies are being used. So this should do the job. Probably.

If you’d rather not have any cookies from this site, you can use your browser’s settings to block them. If you’re not sure how to do that, there are numerous guides available on the net.

[1] Which have apparently moved, but who cares, really?