A long long time ago, on a list far far away, it was alleged that 90%[1] of my posts could be replaced by numbers corresponding to my most frequent comments. While I utterly denied this[2], I went along with the joke for a while[3] and even recorded some sound files of these allegedly often repeated sayings.

  1. Mutter
  2. Yes
  3. Ahem
  4. Pedant
  5. Tart
  6. He’s never denied it
  7. So, no change there, then
  8. Boing!
  9. Naah, it’s your end, not mine
  10. Life? Don’t talk to me about life
  11. So, it’s pick on Les day, I see
  12. I am completely innocent
  13. Hah!
  14. Hey!
  15. Uh huh
  16. What?
  17. Context alert!
  18. I blame AJ
  19. Bastards!
  20. I seeeeeeeeeeee…
  21. Woo hoo hoo hoo!
  22. Not really

Kevin Miller[4] wanted to know how I pronounce Gaggia

Michèle[6] was agog to hear how I pronounce gog.
More questions followed. And more

Martin wanted to know about the sandwiches.

Oh, please, Mary!

Did all this work keep people happy? Did it heck as like!

Shaun has been shorn.

Twisty wanted to indulge in her fantasies.

Brian, I am telling you that Harry is not hairy.

Questions have been asked about Birmingham.

Tom[7] wanted something for Edward.

Twisty[8], having had her fantasies dealt with earlier, wanted to hear me speak her name.

It’s a dog‘s life, isn’t it, Twisty?

It’s offally good, isn’t it?

The ever-demanding Mr Miller wanted a ringtone.

Gary had a strange request

Michèle wanted to hear me whisper Sweet Nothings

And finally[9], here’s a message from Twisty

[1] Or perhaps more
[2] It is also claimed that I do that a lot
[3] Until I forgot, or something
[4] Hi Kevin!![5]
[5] Hi Sherry!
[6] Hi Michèle!
[7] Hi Tom![5]
[8] Hi Twisty![5]
[9] For now, at least