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Change, and not a moment too soon…

No, it’s OK, I’m not really turning into the Sixth Doctor. And I’m not really changing. But it looks like it’s nearly time for an upgrade. It was widely rumoured (full specification leaked, photos on line, that sort of thing) that Fujifilm would be announcing the long-expected successor to my lovely X-T1 today.

Well, I haven’t seen anything official from Fujifilm yet, but Jessops may have jumped the metaphorical wossname in an email that reached me this morning. The X-T2 is available for pre-order at £1,399, which is more or less what I was expecting. They’re even listing trade-in values for the X-T1 (as much as £421 plus a £100 bonus for a camera in “excellent” condition).

I’m not planning to pre-order. I’d rather see one and have a play first.