Oh bother, Mozy

I’ve mentioned the Mozy backup service a few times before, and I’m still using it. I haven’t needed to mention it again because it just sits there and works, happily backing up my important stuff[1]. The client has been updated reasonably regularly, and I haven’t had any issues with it for a long time. Now […]

Mozy – Good Support

It’s been a while since I mentioned Mozy, my chosen online backup service. The reason I haven’t mentioned it is that it’s been happily working away at protecting my stuff without any problems, so any report would have been a bit boring[1]. But all that changed recently. A month or so ago, I did some […]

Mozy for Mac – Out of Beta

Following on from my last Mozy report, it’s still happily backing up my stuff without causing me any trouble at all. Mac users who are more reluctant than I am to use beta software might like to know that it’s now at an actual release version –! The automagic update feature that was introduced […]

Mozy – Medium Term Update

It’s been a couple of months since I last mentioned Mozy, so it’s a good time for an update. You might recall that back in February, it was chugging slowly along with the important job of backing up my RAW photograph files. Well, it chugged for quite some time, but after a while, the speed […]

Mozy – One Week On

Is it only a week since I mentioned that I’d signed up with Mozy? Well, apparently it is, which is as good a time as any to update the legions of Losing it[1] readers[1] on how it’s going. I decided to cancel that initial 100GB+ job on the grounds that It would take an extremely […]

Mozy Online Backup

Mozy no longer offer an unlimited service. I’ve moved on to Crashplan now. Now I’ve nicely sorted out my local backups, I decided to locate a tuit and sort out some kind of offsite backup. It’s all very well having a multi-generation backup on a separate physical disk (and it’s a solution I strongly recommend […]

Crashplan makes Les unhappy

I’ve been a happy user of Crashplan since 2011, following the bit of unpleasantness with my previous online backup supplier, Mozy, who decided that their previous unlimited offer wasn’t something they wanted to do any more, and would I like to pay ten times as much to back up my files? In that time, Crashplan […]

This may take some time…

I mentioned the other day that I was giving CrashPlan a try as a replacement for Mozy. Well, it’s made a good start on backing up my stuff, but I think it’ll take a while: Still, no rush…

Giving CrashPlan a try…

You might recall me having an advanced case of the mutters about Mozy a while back. To save you the trouble of clicking that link and reading what I said at the time, the summary is that Mozy, a company I was previously happy to recommend for online backups on the grounds that they offered […]

Virgin Media 50Mb Broadband – First Impressions

Earlier this month I mentioned that I’d ordered an upgrade to Virgin’s top of the line rather quick 50Mb broadband service, and how just a few days later I received my new free router. You might recall that installation was set for last Saturday, and you might be wondering what happened… Well, it all went […]