Weight and Stuff Report – 17 July 2017

Weight: 238.6 pounds (17 stone 0.6 pounds, 108.2 kg)
Steps: 1,782

Up a bit today.

Well, I survived going back to work.

This is St Fagans Castle, which you may note is more of a house than an actual castle, but apparently it was built over an earlier castle and kept the name:

St Fagans Castle

St Fagans Castle

Camera X-T2
Aperture ƒ/8
Shutter speed 1/350s
Focal length 16mm
ISO 200
Taken 13:55, 5 July, 2017
Location 51° 29.2033′ 0″ N 3° 16.1397′ 0″ W

Not the Doctor you were expecting?

And so the Thirteenth Doctor has been revealed:

No doubt some people’s heads will be exploding because the new Doctor is less male than usual, but personally, I think it’s the logical conclusion of a process that’s been drip-fed over a number of years. I think it was in The Doctor’s Wife that it was casually mentioned that another Time Lord had been known to incarnate as male and female, there was the regenerating general in Hell Bent, and of course, lovely, bonkers, murderous Missy. So, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise – it’s been widely muttered that incoming showrunner Chris Chibnall is going to be making some changes, and this is probably not the biggest.

And of course, now a precedent has been set, the “who’s going to be the next Doctor” game will be even more entertaining in future.

It’ll be a while before we see Jodie Whittaker in more than a regeneration scene – I think the next series will be later in 2018. But it’s going to be interesting…

Weight and Stuff Report – 16 July 2017

Weight: 238.2 pounds (17 stone 0.2 pounds, 108 kg)
Steps: 7,170

Up another bit today…

As it’s the last day before I go back to work  :wah: I decided I should make an effort and go somewhere, so I headed for the station for one of my “I’ll decide when I see what train’s next” days. Seeing that a suitable train was due to leave in just ten minutes, I bought a ticket and headed to Hexham on a very full cattle truck 🐮

Once there, I walked down to Hexham Bridge, a fine 18th century construction, and eventually found a good position to get a clear shot:

Hexham Bridge

Hexham Bridge

Camera X70
Aperture ƒ/10
Shutter speed 1/200s
Focal length 18.5mm
ISO 200
Taken 13:19, 16 July, 2017
Location 54° 58.4918′ 0″ N 2° 5.7299′ 0″ W

I then had a wander around the town and got a train back again.

Weight and Stuff Report – 15 July 2017

Weight: 237.9 pounds (16 stone 13.9 pounds, 107.9 kg)
Steps: 4,927

Up again today…

I didn’t do anything particularly interesting today – just a wander around the shops[1] and getting the washing done.

This is one of those ships waiting to enter the Tyne

He ain't heavy...

He ain’t heavy…

Camera X-T2
Aperture ƒ/5.6
Shutter speed 1/1600s
Focal length 400mm
ISO 200
Taken 13:31, 14 July, 2017
Location 55° 1.1114′ 0″ N 1° 25.0517′ 0″ W

[1] Though I did excitingly remember to buy the kitchen foil I forgot to buy when I did my main shopping

Weight and Stuff Report – 14 July 2017

Weight: 236.7 pounds (16 stone 12.7 pounds, 107.4 kg)
Steps: 5,722

Gasp! Shock, horror, etc – down again today.

I decided to do my Saturday shopping a day early: note to self, don’t do this unless you can get to Tesco’s early. It’s full of people at 10am on a Friday.

Having survived that, I took myself to Tynemouth for a visit to the Priory (my English Heritage card was complaining about not having enough exercise). I had a play with my 100-400mm lens, wandered a bit, ate the sandwich I’d taken with me, then got a bus back to Newcastle, did a little extra shopping in the Co-op and got the bus home.

Human brains are really good at seeing patterns, especially ones that aren’t really there. When I looked at one of my close up images of the stones of Tynemouth Priory, my brain told me it could see a face. Spooky[1]….

Who's face is that?

Who’s face is that?

Camera X-T2
Aperture ƒ/2.8
Shutter speed 1/2400s
Focal length 55mm
ISO 200
Taken 13:54, 14 July, 2017
Location 55° 1.054′ 0″ N 1° 25.0725′ 0″ W

[1] Note: Image may have been rotated, cropped and tweaked to make the alleged face easier t see.


Weight and Stuff Report – 13 July 2017

Weight: 237.2 pounds (16 stone 13.2 pounds, 107.6 kg)
Steps: 7,947

As I expected, up a bit today, but not a big bit, so it’s not so bad.

I took myself to the National Railway Museum’s second site at Shildon today – it’s been a while since my last visit, so it was worth the trip. Assorted acts of photography were committed, including the Deltic prototype:



Camera X-T2
Aperture ƒ/9
Shutter speed 1/400s
Focal length 22mm
ISO 6400
Taken 13:23, 13 July, 2017

Weight and Stuff Report – 12 July 2017

Weight: 236.8 pounds (16 stone 12.8 pounds, 107.4 kg)
Steps: 1,910

Back down after a week in Wales, but that’s a “just got off the train” weight, so it’ll probably be higher tomorrow…

The journey home was nicely uneventful and punctual, and I didn’t even have to wait for the bus when I reached Newcastle.

This is the quite splendid Newport City Footbridge.

Newport City Footbridge

Newport City Footbridge

Camera X-T2
Aperture ƒ/11
Shutter speed 1/450s
Focal length 20.6mm
ISO 200
Taken 12:16, 6 July, 2017
Location 51° 35.2263′ 0″ N 2° 59.3841′ 0″ W