Weight and Stuff Report – 21 July 2018

Weight:  166.5 pounds (11 stone 12.5 pounds, 75.5 kg)

Up again today…

Breakfast was the slightly reduced version: Weetabix, sugar and milk.

I may have had a bit of a sleep in the early afternoon.

Lunch was Ritz crackers with more of the spread Brie, together with a pack of Quavers. I had a Solero later in the afternoon.

Dinner was the second half of yesterday’s curry.

And that concludes the daily report.


Weight and Stuff Report – 20 July 2018

Weight:  165.8 pounds (11 stone 11.8 pounds, 75.2 kg)

Yeah, well. After yesterday’s general inability to face food, I’m down again today.

Last night I slept kinda sorta mostly well – I’m still having to sleep either propped up or on my back, but I can handle that. I woke up a little after 4am, then managed to doze off for a bit more before getting up at around 6:30.

Breakfast was the full package, this time featuring the return of the Weetabix.

Lunch was some Ritz crackers with the spreadable Brie, a Time Out and some apple juice.

I managed a Yum Yum as an afternoon snack.

Dinner was half a chicken curry with rice. In recent weeks, I’ve had a problem with having full meals – all too often they don’t stay down, which is (a) annoying and (b) not good for me, as I really do need to benefit from eating. So, my little brain finally worked out that maybe it was the amount of food in one go that was the problem, and tonight was a bit of an experiment to see if my brain was right. And on the evidence so far, it looks like the brain got it right.

I’m not planning on having anything else tonight.


Weight and Stuff Report – 19 July 2018

Weight:  167.2 pounds (11 stone 13.2 pounds, 75.8 kg)
Steps: 2,197

Down again today…

After a moderately good night’s sleep (woke up far too early, mutter), I wasn’t feeling quite up to a full breakfast, so just had a bowl of Frosties with no extras.

I had an outing to South Shields today, courtesy of my old friend Keith[1]. We had a short walk, and a coffee and a look at the view from The Word. Some photos were taken, but I haven’t looked at them yet. Then it was a walk back to the car and a ride home, by which time I was slightly knackered, and my digestion was telling me not to try eating much, so I didn’t have anything for a while. Well, I may have had a Solero at some point.

As of 17:50, I’m still feeling a bit wobbly, so I don’t think I’ll be having much for dinner tonight.

And indeed, I didn’t…

[1] Hi Keith  :wave:

Weight and Stuff Report – 18 July 2018

Weight:  168 pounds (12 stone, 76.2 kg)

How odd, up again today, despite an extensive bathroom visit…

The lingering discomfort in my middle region still hasn’t quite gone away,  but by the early hours of this morning, I was able to lie flat rather than propped up on the v-shaped pillow, which was better. Still got a nasty twinge when I tried to lie on my side, though.

After the usual thing of waking up several times in the night, I was properly awake at a little before 6am, so I got myself a coffee and brought to back to bed to do some reading. That went well, so I got a repeat coffee at about 7:30, and carried on reading. I was quite comfortable, so decided to stay where I was and didn’t get up until after 9:30, which is very late for me.

Breakfast was the usual and lunch was a couple of pancakes.

Not much appetite again, so dinner was a Pot Noodle again.


The New Annotated HP Lovecraft

I bought this more or less on impulse in Waterstones a while ago. I say a while ago, but it’s probably over a year. It’s been sitting on my pile of things to get round to ever since,  but as I needed a sanity break from the Great Robert Rankin Re-read-athon, this seemed like a suitable occasion.

This large[1] selection of H P Lovecraft stories has been selected and annotated by Leslie S Klinger, who did such a sterling job with the Sherlock Holmes stories and Dracula, so I was very much inclined to give it a go. It’s worth noting that it isn’t a complete collection of the stories, but does include most of the familiar pieces such as At the Mountains of Madness, The Shadow out of Time and so on.

Perhaps inevitably, Klinger has taken a different approach to the notes here – there’s no pretence that the stories are disguised accounts of real events, but he does attempt to identify the possible locations for settings such as Arkham and Innsmouth. Other notes pick up on some of the more (and less) obscure references in the texts, and some of HPL’s vocabulary. There are loads of photographs of buildings which may be those mentioned, plus pages of original manuscripts, magazine and book covers.

There’s also a bunch of appendices which include an attempt to arrange a chronology of the events in the stories and and nice look at H P Lovecraft’s influence on popular culture.

If you’re at all interested in H P Lovecraft’s work, this is a well-above average collection, printed with the same quality as the Sherlock Holmes books on heavy paper.


[1] Big book – large pages, and lots of them

Weight and Stuff Report – 17 July 2018

Weight:  167.5 pounds (11 stone 13.5 pounds, 76 kg)
Steps: 3,628

Hmmm, weight down again today, mutter.

The day began without my usual coffee, or indeed breakfast, as I had a appointment for a CT scan at the RVI. The instructions for this were no food and clear fluids only for five hours before the scheduled time of 11am, so water was what I had.

I got to the X-Ray department in plenty of time, and sat down to wait. After a while, I was given some water to drink, and a bit later I was taken through to have a cannula installed. And that turned out to be interesting. I’ve had issues with this kind of thing before, where it takes even the best trained medical professionals multiple attempts to find a vein that actually wants to work, but today was an all-time record, with it eventually working on the sixth try by the third or fourth person to try. This involved some comedy moving around, as I started in a prep room, then moved to the scanner and was even nicely lying down while someone tried again before deciding they needed to get someone else to do it, which took me back to the prep room. I then had to sit in the waiting room for a bit as I’d missed my turn in the scanner. But soon enough, my name was called again and I was scanned, then had to wait for a bit (I think they like you to sit for a short time to make sure you’re not going to have any odd belated reaction to the dye or drug that went into the cannula) before having the cannula removed and being told to go home.

I popped in to Tesco’s on the way home to buy a few bits and pieces, then had three pancakes for lunch. I wasn’t feeling very hungry, so dinner was a Pot Noodle, but it was followed by the usual Solero and Mars bar.

And now an early night beckons…


Stuff Report – 16 July 2018

Yes, it’s a weightless report today because I sort of forgot to stand on the scale this morning.

As I mentioned in my morning report, yesterday’s major pain issues have receded today, but I haven’t been taking any chances or doing anything that might provoke a flare-up. The shoulder has now got to the point of just nagging a bit, and twinging when I move, but it’s a lot better than it was.

I managed my usual breakfast, and had three pancakes and apple juice for lunch. I even had a bit of honeydew melon later in the afternoon.

Dinner was one and a bit chicken breast thingies (frozen, done in oven). More than a bit of the second one felt like it wouldn’t be a good idea, so I stopped at that point. I was able to follow up with the usual Solero and Mars bar later.

A morning update

Well, there’s good news and bad news

The good news is that the pain in my guts has calmed down hugely, and is now just an occasional twinge when I move – nothing like as bad as yesterday, so I think it is going away.

The bad news is that my dodgy shoulder is still owwwwwwwww. Again, that’s mostly when I move, so time for another relaxed day, I think.

Weight and Stuff Report – 15 July 2018

Weight:  167.8 pounds (11 stone 13.8 pounds, 76.1 kg)

Back down again today, which can be attributed to an extensive bathroom visit this morning.

And talking of this morning, it didn’t start too well. I’ve been having an intermittent return of my old shoulder problem, which is a rather nasty pain in the shoulder. And the neck. And it was particularly nasty this morning.

Just to add to the joy, I woke up with a very nasty pain in the guts. Not your usual digestive discomfort, as it seemed to be more of a muscular pain on the right side just below my ribs. It started off hurting generally, though became a lot worse when I did anything silly like, you know, moving. Standing up was a major effort, and walking required a kind of doubled-over pose that made it just about bearable.

Eating breakfast didn’t seem even vaguely possible at the normal time, so I just had some soluble paracetamol, yum, yum. That took the edge off it for a while, but didn’t really make it go away. And it was really tricky finding a sitting position that didn’t make my shoulder or my abdomen feel any worse.

So, at 12:00, drastic measures were called for, and I gave myself a dose of oral morphine, which I’d been given for contingencies. That did a much better job of taking the edge off, to the point where it now only hurts when I move[1], and my shoulder is just vaguely annoying.

I’ll be attempting a light dinner and definitely having an early night in the hope that this will settle down, otherwise I’ll be seeking medical assistance tomorrow.

[1] There are no prizes for the first one to say “so don’t do that”