Weight and Stuff Report – 10 July 2018

Weight:  169.4 pounds (12 stone 1.4 pounds, 76.8 kg)

Up again today…

Breakfast was the usual.

Lunch was three pancakes, with an afternoon nap which was followed by a Time Out and some apple juice.

It was another day when it felt like maybe a full dinner might not be a good idea, and this time I decided to pay attention, and had some Frosties instead.

And it’s time for another early night…


Weight and Stuff Report – 9 July 2018

Weight:  168 pounds (12 stone, 76.2 kg)

Down again today, which is no doubt related to yesterday’s food failure. That actually takes me to a new low weight, which is a little concerning, but I’m sure I’ll recover over the next few days.

After a few coffees, I had the usual breakfast.

Lunch was three pancakes with the usual sugar and lemon juice.

Dinner was sweet and sour chicken with rice and a glass of cream soda. Regular readers will be happy to know that this was followed by the traditional Solero and some superb chocolates from those nice Hotel Chocolat people. I’d include a link, but it was one of their little selector packs which they don’t have on the website.

Weight and Stuff Report – 8 July 2018

Weight:  169.2 pounds (12 stone 1.2 pounds, 76.7 kg)

Down by a teeny bit today.

Had another night of not enough sleep, mutter.

After multiple coffees, breakfast was the usual.

Lunch was just some Ritz crackers with Philadelphia and a glass of apple juice.

Dinner was, shall we say, less successful. I’d been feeling a bit burpy and gurgly most of the day, so should probably have taken that as a warning, but I didn’t. I persuaded myself that having a meal was what I needed to do, so I went for the shepherds pie, which was pretty tasty. Unfortunately, the expected after-eating burp developed into a “how fast can I get to the bathroom”, and yes, well, it wasn’t quite as nice the second time.

I declined to try eating anything else after that, and another early night is on the way.


Weight and Stuff Report – 7 July 2018

Weight:  169.3 pounds (12 stone 1.3 pounds, 76.8 kg)
Steps: 1,463

Oddly down today…

I had another one of those nights where sleep wasn’t what it could have been – I want to bed by 9:30, slept on and off, woke up at 2am, then was even more on and off, woke up at 6am, then drifted off again, eventually waking up completely after 7:30.

Breakfast was as usual, and was followed by some more sleep. I eventually woke up again at around 1:30, feeling not quite right at all. A little lunch improved things – I had Ritz crackers with Philadelphia, a bag of Quavers, a Tine Out bar and some apple juice.

I rested (but didn’t sleep) a bit after that, then persuaded myself to go out and do a bit of top-up shopping. Tesco’s was nicely quiet, as most of the population seem to have been home watching some people kick a ball around for some reason.

And once I got home, I was tired again.

Had a relaxed rest of the day, with dinner being a chicken curry (with the usual enhancement), a glass of cream soda, and the usual Solero and Mars bar.

Another early night beckons…

Weight and Stuff Report – 6 July 2018

Weight:  170.7 pounds (12 stone 2.7 pounds, 77.4 kg)
Steps: 1,978

Up another little bit today…

Breakfast was the usual (Frosties again, nearly reached the end of the box, shocking).

Lunch was a couple of pancakes (end of the pack) and some apple juice.

I took myself to the Metrocentre this afternoon. That was OK, but I was soon feeling tired and took myself home again. The hot weather definitely isn’t agreeing with me – waiting for the bus home from Gateshead was uncomfortable to say the least. Once I got home, I had a quick ice lolly to cool down a bit before having a relax.

Dinner was a chilli con carne (with the usual hot spice grinder addition, of course), which was followed by a Mars bar.

Early night ahead[1], as I’m veeerrryyyyy tired[2]….

[1] Or behind, as I may be typing this tomorrow
[2] So much so that I didn’t even start a draft of this post

Robert Rankin – The Dance of the Voodoo Handbag

Is there no end to it? Yes, I’ve risked what little remains of my sanity in re-reading yet another Robert Rankin book, in my effort to complete the Great Robert Rankin Re-read-athon.

First published in 1998, this is a follow-up to Sprout Mask Replica. Our narrator, now explicitly named as Robert Rankin manages to get into all manner of interesting situations. As the story opens, he’s incarcerated in a place for the differently sane, and not having a nice time at all.

Once out of there, he proves he’s not mad at all by continuing to talk to his Holy Guardian Sprout Barry, and adopting the persona of the fictional detective Lazlo Woodbine (some call him Laz), on the case of the missing Voodoo Handbag (don’t touch, it bites…).

This leads on to some mortal peril thanks to a certain Bill Barnes, who is not a nice person at all, and who’s trying to take over Necrosoft, a company with an interesting line in selling immortality of a kind.

Much confusion, chaos and err, other things possibly beginning with c follow, as Laz, or Rob, or whoever he is at any given moment, fights for survival, sanity and err, other things possibly beginning with s.

All good fun, as always.

Weight and Stuff Report – 5 July 2018

Weight:  170.5 pounds (12 stone 2.5 pounds, 77.3 kg)
Steps: 995

Up a wee bit today…

After the usual breakfast (Frosties again), I felt a bit tired, so dozed for a bit.

Lunch was three pancakes and some apple juice.

And in the afternoon, I had an appointment with the oncologist (with transport provided by Aaron). We had a chat about how I’m getting along and how to proceed from here. We agreed to have a bit more of a break, then meet again on August 1, with a view to restarting the chemotherapy the following day.

So my plans for the next few weeks are to keep eating and trying to be a bit more active.

Once I got home, I had some Quavers (two packs) and more apple juice.

Dinner was sweet and sour chicken with rice, followed by the compulsory Solero and some more of these nice Hotel Chocolat items.

Weight and Stuff Report – 4 July 2018

Weight:  170.2 pounds (12 stone 2.2 pounds, 77.2 kg)
Steps: 1,112

Down today, which might be related to a slight digestion issue.

Breakfast was the usual, with Frosties as the star attraction. After that, and a bit of a rest, I headed out for a Doctor’s appointment, which involved me being told that last week’s blood tests were all fine.

I then got home and needed another rest and a slight snooze before lunch, which was three pancakes and some apple juice. After a further rest, I managed to do a little bit of housework (all I can do at present). This was followed by another rest and a couple of Time Out bars with another drop of apple juice. After a bit of a break, I had a quarter of honeydew melon, which was very nice.

Dinner was a chilli con carne, with the usual attack of the hot chilli grinder to make it more interesting, washed down with a glass of cream soda, and followed by a Solero.

Robert Rankin – The Brentford Chainstore Massacre

I do seem to be flying through the Great Robert Rankin Re-read-athon at the moment, as here we are with another one already. First published in 1997, this is the fifth in the legendary Brentford Trilogy, and features all the usual suspects: Neville the part-time barman, Old Pete, the enigmatic Professor Slocombe and of course, Pooley and Omally.

The fun hinges around some long-lost documents – the Brentford Scrolls, which (due to some complaints about the change to the Gregorian calendar) would entitle the residents of Brentford to celebrate the new millennium a couple of years early. And by a curious coincidence, that date turns out to be the correct date, and if a certain ritual is enacted, then a new era of enlightenment, love and all manner of Good Things will begin. Our heroes are all for this of course, not to mention the prospect of making some money…

But there are Sinister Forces acting against them, as you might expect. Forces of evil who really don’t want that ritual to take place, and a mad scientist who decides that a spot of cloning using blood samples taken from the Turin Shroud would be a Good Idea.

Lots of the usual fun and games follow, with bad jokes, outrageous alcohol consumption and some rock and roll. Oh, and fireworks.

Weight and Stuff Report – 3 July 2018

Weight:  171.7 pounds (12 stone 3.7 pounds, 77.9 kg)

Up a bit today, which is a Good Thing.

Having been out and about yesterday, it seemed like a good idea to stay in and get the washing done, so that’s what I did.

Breakfast was the usual combination featuring the Return of the Weetabix, and lunch was Ritz crackers with Philadelphia, a couple of bags of Quavers and some apple juice.

Dinner was a cottage pie, with the usual glass of cream soda, followed by the traditional Solero and a little something from Hotel Chocolat.