Weight and Stuff Report – 17 July 2016

Weight: 216.9 pounds (15 stone 6.9 pounds, 98.4 kg)
Steps taken: Not very many

Up just a wee bit today, well within normal variation range, or something.

Here’s another photo from Seaham. Taking pride of place in the harbour area is the gloriously restored lifeboat which served the area until a disaster in 1962. After a long and varied subsequent career, it was eventually bought in an almost unrecognisable state, then restored and brought back home, actually entering the harbour under its own power.

RNLB George Elmy

RNLB George Elmy

Camera X-T1
Aperture ƒ/5.6
Shutter speed 1/500s
Focal length 16mm
ISO 3200
Taken 14:25, 16 July, 2016
Location 54° 50.3039′ 0″ N 1° 19.6349′ 0″ W

Weight and Stuff Report – 16 July 2016

Weight: 216.6 pounds (15 stone 6.6 pounds, 98.2 kg)
Steps taken: 10,567

Down again today…

After the shopping, I decided it would be a good day to finally get around to go to Seaham – it’s just one stop past Sunderland on the route that takes you to Middlesbrough if you forget to get off. There’s only one train an hour, and I wasn’t going to make it in time for the 11:30, so I aimed for the 12:30. After a return visit to Earl Grey with the 100-400mm lens and the 2x teleconverter[1], I wandered down to the station and got there in plenty of time. The train even arrived more or less on time and I got on. At which point, the guard announced that because of a problem with a level crossing, the train wouldn’t be going where I needed but via the main line. Mutter. So, I took the Metro to Sunderland to see if I could pick up a train there. Well, I could. The next one that I’d have caught if I’d waited in Newcastle. So I had quick look around Sunderland, got a bit of food and waited. And this time it worked and I got to Seaham.

And what a bright sunny day it was. And how busy it was, as there’s a carnival thingy on, with loads of people. Which meant that I struggled to get all the images I wanted of my primary target, the World War I memorial statue officially called 1101, but generally known as “Tommy”. I’ve seen loads of photos of it, but I still wasn’t quite prepared for the sheer size and power of it. I’ll have to make a return visit on a less busy day (a dull grey day would be fine, as I can see some black and white images being interesting), but here’s one for now:



Camera X-T1
Aperture ƒ/5
Shutter speed 1/500s
Focal length 24.2mm
ISO 200
Taken 14:12, 16 July, 2016
Location 54° 50.3866′ 0″ N 1° 19.9153′ 0″ W

I then walked down to the harbour where I saw lots of floaty things. More of which to come…

[1] Which was a waste of time as the blue sky and sunshine I wanted for the shot in my brain refused to get in the right places.

Weight and Stuff Report – 15 July 2016

Weight: 217.2 pounds (15 stone 7.2 pounds, 98.5 kg)
Steps taken: 2,333

Ooooh! Back down again today, good stuff, even if it is all random

The last time I saw this engine, it was on proud display as part of the Great Gathering of surviving A4s, which I was shocked to learn was all of three years ago. Anyway, it looks like the Sir Nigel Gresley is having a bit of work done:

Sir Nigel has lost weight...

Sir Nigel has lost weight…

Camera X-T1
Aperture ƒ/8
Shutter speed 1/20s
Focal length 16mm
ISO 6400
Taken 12:54, 2 July, 2016

And for those not familiar, Sir Nigel Gresley wasn’t the Fat Controller, he was the designer of the A4s and many more engines.

Robert Rankin – Raiders of the Lost Car Park

Having taken a quick sanity break, it’s time to return to the world of the Great Robert Rankin Re-read-athon. Sorry, that’s just the way it is.

First published in 1994, this is a direct sequel to The Book of Ultimate Truths, as we find Cornelius Murphy and his friend Tuppe[1] following up their Epic Quest.

A new ocarina is forged. Well, adapted from a not entirely paid-for one. An ice cream van is obtained, all the better to play the unique notes of Hugo Rune’s invention through its loudspeaker.

And the Forbidden Zones are revealed, leading to the freeing of Cornelius’s real father, the notorious Hugo Rune, not to mention assorted other things, mostly servants of the real ruler of the world, who these days can’t be bothered to do the old traditional thing of delivering presents to all the children of the world, and is generally a bit grumpy and not at all nice to know.

We have more fun with Inspectre[2] Hovis of the Yard, stuck in Brentford, about to be made redundant and forced into what you might call an uneasy alliance with Rune if you were the sort of person who said things like that, which I hope you aren’t.

Rune has a Cunning Plan, of course. One that even Baldrick might think was a bit dodgy.

It’s all very, very silly, with more ridiculous set-ups, gags that are not so much telegraphed as semaphored, illuminated in flashing neon and err, well, look, I’ve no idea where this sentence is trying to go, so let’s just say you can see some of the gags coming and they still work. If only because you keep telling yourself that he couldn’t possibly get away with that one…

Loads of fun. And some guest appearances from well-known residents of Brentford. What more could you ask for?

[1] Which we learn is short for Tupperware

Weight and Stuff Report – 13 July 2016

Weight: 218.6 pounds (15 stone 8.6 pounds, 99.2 kg)
Steps taken: 2,040

Hmmmm, up again today. I’ll blame my slightly larger than usual lunch. Or something.

Here’s a bit of detail on a carriage in the NRM:



Camera X-T1
Aperture ƒ/4
Shutter speed 1/120s
Focal length 45.5mm
ISO 6400
Taken 13:20, 2 July, 2016

Do they know something I don’t?

You’ll have noticed how the clickbait links on a lot of websites localise their titles to your presumed location[1]? Well, sometimes they get a bit too specific, as with this one.


Fly Away

I’m not sure where the airport is in Gateshead. Older residents will recall the old plane in Saltwell Park, but I don’t think it actually flew there. Or maybe all those roadworks were just a cover for making the A1 into a runway?

[1] Based on IP addresses, so it can be entertainingly wrong, depending on your connection

Weight and Stuff Report – 12 July 2016

Weight: 217.2 pounds (15 stone 7.2 pounds, 98.5 kg)
Steps taken: 1,658

Back up a bit today, random thingies, etc, etc…

It’s back to the NRM for today’s photo – a Lensbaby fisheye view of the Japanese Bullet Train, which may include part of my jacket as well as my shadow. I’ve left the reflection ring on this one, as I quite like the way it looks.

Fishy bullet

Fishy bullet

Camera X-T1
Aperture ƒ/1
Shutter speed 1/80s
Focal length 8mm
ISO 6400
Taken 12:28, 2 July, 2016

Weight and Stuff Report – 11 July 2016

Weight: 215.7 pounds (15 stone 5.7 pounds, 97.8 kg)
Steps taken: 1,878

Ooooh! Down again today to the lowest weight since 8 January. Just a little more and I’ll be lighter than I was at the start of the year. Still a lot heavier than this time last year, but progress is being made, or so it seems…

Here’s a view from the coast on Saturday. Three ships were waiting to enter the Tyne. Well, I assume that’s why they were there, and it wasn’t just a random gathering…



Camera X-T1
Aperture ƒ/10
Shutter speed 1/500s
Focal length 28.3mm
ISO 250
Taken 13:46, 9 July, 2016