Weight and Stuff Report – 27 November 2015

Weight: 214.8 pounds (15 stone 4.8 pounds, 97.4 kg)
Steps taken: 3,706

Another small rise today, ho hum, never mind, etc.

Here’s another one from London. Currently occupying the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square, this is called Gift Horse[1]. The bright ribbon is displaying a feed of stock prices…



Camera XF1
Aperture ƒ/4.5
Shutter speed 1/6s
Focal length 14.3mm
ISO 3200
Taken 17:12, 22 November, 2015

[1] Harry Potter fans may suspect it’s a Thestral that’s lost its wings, of course

Weight and Stuff Report – 26 November 2015

Weight: 214.6 pounds (15 stone 4.6 pounds, 97.3 kg)
Steps taken: 3,398

A small rise today, but as it’s a very small one, I’ll ignore it.

In my London walk last weekend, I managed to get a few interesting photos (would have been better with the X-T1, but never mind). This is a part of the Horses of Helios sculpture at the junction of Piccadilly Circus and Haymarket, and a rare instance of me using camera flash:

Wild Horses

Wild Horses

Camera XF1
Aperture ƒ/6.4
Shutter speed 1/20s
Focal length 8mm
ISO 1600
Taken 17:01, 22 November, 2015


This is not a test

Oh no, nothing like that.

Just having a play with the new WordPress app…



Camera X-T1
Aperture ƒ/8
Shutter speed 1/500s
Focal length 98.6mm
ISO 1000
Taken 11:26, 3 October, 2015
Credit Les Bessant
Copyright © 2014 Les Bessant
Exposure bias +67/100EV
Flash fired no
Keywords Fuji X-T1, Photowalk
Title Blow

Weight and Stuff Report – 24 November 2015

Weight: 215 pounds (15 stone 5 pounds, 97.5 kg)
Steps taken: 2,465

After all that walking in London, it was back to less activity today, but my weight’s slightly down.

This shiny bird can be found in Edinburgh (most odd, must have randomly clicked, as WordPress added the wrong picture the first time):



Camera X-T1
Aperture ƒ/6.4
Shutter speed 1/500s
Focal length 55.6mm
ISO 3200
Taken 12:27, 3 November, 2015
Location 55° 56.9583′ 0″ N 3° 11.5899′ 0″ W

Weight and Stuff Report – 23 November 2015

Weight: 215.5 pounds (15 stone 5.5 pounds, 97.8 kg)
Steps taken: 6,177

All that walking in London seems to have made me heavier…

Anyway, back home after an uneventful and even punctual journey.

This guys’s got his eye on you:

Watching you, watching me...

Watching you, watching me…

Camera X-T1
Aperture ƒ/5.6
Shutter speed 1/500s
Focal length 122.6mm
ISO 800
Taken 12:00, 3 October, 2015


Stuff Report – 22 November 2015

Steps taken: 14,531

It was a much nicer morning today, so the walk from the hotel (just over Lambeth Bridge) to the office (via Parliament Square, Whitehall, Trafalgar Square, Wardour Street and Oxford Street) was altogether more pleasant. It was a wee bit nippy, but the nasty wind that made yesterday’s walk not so nice was absent.

We got things done. Sorted out all that we could in time for Aaron to leave for the station at a sensible time, and me to check in to a different hotel (much nearer the office) by 4pm. As it was too early for dinner, and I didn’t want to sit in front of the TV or computer, I went for a touristy walk – down Regent Street (busy!!!), through Piccadilly Circus (likewise) and on to Trafalgar Square, then an indirect route before hitting Charing Cross Road, Oxford Street and another indirect route through Fitzrovia before returning to the hotel. After a short break, I headed for my usual branch of Pizza Express, where I had a nice dinner. And now I’m back in the hotel. Here’s a photo taken with my little Fuji XF1, which doesn’t handle low light nearly as well as the X-T1:

National Gallery

National Gallery

Camera XF1
Aperture ƒ/8
Shutter speed 1/2.5s
Focal length 6.4mm
ISO 3200
Taken 17:16, 22 November, 2015


Stuff Report – 21 November 2015

Steps taken: 11,957

It’s a weightless report today, as I didn’t bring the RNG scale with me for some reason.

There was some snow early this morning, but by the time we left the hotel it had turned to drizzle. Lovely. But it dried up later. And it was cold. But never mind….

Here’s a nicely silly sign from Newcastle.



Camera iPhone 6s
Aperture ƒ/2.2
Shutter speed 1/35s
Focal length 83mm
ISO 25
Taken 11:29, 19 November, 2015